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Android Course Syllabus

Introduction of Android & History
  • Introduction to Mobile App Development
  • What is Android?
  • Why Android?
  • Features of Android
  • Key features of Android
  • What is Open Source Project?
  • Version wise Features and Drawbacks
Android Architecture
  • Applications
  • Android Frameworks
  • Linux Kernel
  • Core Libraries
  • Android Runtime
  • Dalvik virtual Machine
Setup of Android Development Environment
  • System Requirement
  • Java Installation
  • Android Studio Overview
  • Installation of Android Studio
  • Create Android Virtual Device
  • Android Studio Features
  • Android SDK & Tools
First Program
  • Hello World Program
  • Android Studio Project Structure
  • Android Resources Organizing & Accessing
  • Alternative Resources
  • Accessing Resources
  • Accessing Resources in Java
  • Accessing Resources in XML
  • Introduction & Overview
  • Advantages of XML
  • Rules to writing an XML
Basic Android User Interface
  • Relative Layout
  • Linear Layout
  • Table Layout
  • Frame Layout
  • Fragment
  • Grid Layout
  • Constraint Layout
Dynamic Layout
  • Relative Layout
  • Linear Layout
  • Table Layout
    Common UI Components and Events
    • TextView
    • Button
    • Checkbox
    • Toggle button
    • Seek Bar
    • Rating bar
    • Radio Button & Radio Group
    • Image View
    • Image Button
    Components overview
    • Activity Life Cycle
    • Intents
    • Broadcast Receivers
    • Services
    • Content provider
    Advanced User Interface
    • What Is an Adapter?
    • How Do Adapter Views Work?
    • Creating an Array Adapter
    • Listview with listener
    • Gridview with Listener
    • Spinner with Listener
    • Autocomplete TextView
    • Custom views (List/Grid/Spinner/AutoComplete)
    • Media player
    • Video view
    • Audio Recording
    • Video Recording
    Telephony Manager
    • IMEI
    • SMS
    • Calls
    • Emails
    Wi-Fi Manager
    • Network checking
    • Manage Active connections
    Phone Status
    • How to vibrate the device
    • How to Ringer the device
    • How to Silent the device
    • Controlling Bluetooth
    • Discoverable networks
    • Connect Bluetooth
    • Implicit
    • Explicit
    • Passing Data Using Intents
    • Toast
    • Creating a Custom Toast View
    • Progress Dialog Horizontal/Spinner
    • Alert Dialog Predefined
    • Alert Dialog Custom
    • Date Picker Dialog
    • Time Picker Dialog
    • Dialog Fragment
    • Service Life Cycle
    • Call back methods In Service Life Cycle
    • Types of services
    Broad Cast Receivers
    • What is broad cast Receiver
    • Implementing Broad cast Receiver
    • System Broad casts
    Content Provider
    • Basic content provider
    • Working with content providers
    • What is notification
    • How to get notification Service
    • Pending Intent
    Web Services
    • Introduction to Web services
    • Architecture of web service
    • Components of Web Services
    • Advantages of Web Services
    • Introduction of JSON
    • Architecture of JSON
    • Types of Request
    • Registration Using JSON Example App with Post Method
    • Spinner/Listview / Gridview Data from Server
    Data binding
    • Using data binding in Android applications
    • Exercise: Using data binding in Android applications
    • Android data binding resources
    • Introduction & life cycle
    • Fragment Management and integration
    • Fragment transactions & Replace
    • Example Program for Fragments
    Android System Overview
    • Shared Preferences
    • File System
    SQLite Databases
    • Introduction to SQLite
    • SQLite Open Helper
    • CRUD operations
    • Introduction to retrofit Library
    • AsyncTask Vs Volley Vs Retrofit
    • AsyncTask disadvantages
    • Retrofit dependency libraries
    • Retrofit convertors
    • Retrofit Communication process
    • Example programs on retrofit
    Android Material Design
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Material design features
    • Difference between Android UI Components & Material Design Components
    • How to add dependency libraries for your project
    • Floating Labels (Material Design for EditText)
    • Recycler View
    • Tabs With Material Design
    • Material Design Action Bar/App Bar
    • Navigation Drawer
    • Bottom Navigation
    • Snack Bar
    • Introduction to Firebase
    • How to Configure Firebase Environment
    • How to Configure Firebase Database
    • How to Configure Firebase Storage
    • How to Configure Firebase Notifications
    • Firebase Hosting
    • Firebase Crash Reporting
    • Firebase Authentication
    Google MAPS
    • Introduction to location based Services in Android
    • Creating SHA-1 key for your signature
    • Register with Google Console
    • Google Maps View
    • Map Fragment
    • Markers on Map
    • Getting Current location
    • Distance between two locations
    Google Places
    • Get Google places API Access
    • List of search options to get data (restaurants, bus stop etc.)
    • Map view with different places
    • Introduction
    • Apply animations for Activities/Images/TextView
    Admob Account
    • Types of adds
    • How to add to app
    • Maintenance
    Overview of Play store Account
    • Publish Signed APK
    • Register for Google Play Android account
    • Publishing your Android App
    • Distribute your App as a paid App
    • Updating your Android App
    • What is Kotlin?
    • Example programs
    New Additions
    • Autofill framework
    • Security enhancements
    • Secure key import into Keystore
    • APK signature scheme with key rotation
    • Run time permission
    • New Layout (Guide line vertical/horizontal)
    • Post Man overview
    • Git Hub
    • Horizontal/Vertical Divider
    • Nav host fragment
    • Validations

    Industry Demand

    Android is still the most used mobile operating system in the world, and the demand for skilled Android developers remains very high.

    There’s a drastic rise in the number of Android Applications today. In fact, real-time applications are more in a trend that helps in making payments, or shopping online.

    As there is a need for more and more applications, there is a requirement for more and more Android developers.

    Android Training Certification

    Android Training Certification issued when you finish your project. It is the identity to prove you have a lot of knowledge and experience in Android App Development.


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    Test your knowledge and improve your skills by taking a day to day assignments. Work more on the topic you are lag and enhance your knowledge.

    LED & Video lessons in a better understandable way

    LED and VIDEO Lessons

    Get practical learning instead of traditional learning to grasp more and perform more. Updated technologies are involved to teach you in a better and understandable way.

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    Not only subject knowledge but also we can teach you market Awareness and how to mold yourself according to market strategies.


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