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The goal of this Digital Marketing Training Course is to provide the high-quality, practical education with real-world projects. Join Now to learn and implement the concepts in real-world digital marketing scenarios.

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Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Introduction to Marketing
  • Intro to Marketing
  • Types of Marketing?
  • What is Digital Marketing ?
  • Traditional vs DIgital marketing?
  • 4P’s of Marketing?
  • Definitions of Branding, Marketing,Advertising, promotions & Sales.
Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Advantages of Digital Marketing?
  • Types of Digital Marketing?
  • What is Google algorithm ?
  •  Different Google algorithms & its updations?


Keyword Research and Analysis
  • What are Keywords?
  • Types of Keywords
  • Tools used for Keyword Research
  • Competitor research 
  • Choosing right keyword for the Business 
Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Intro to Search Engine Optimization(SEO) 
  • How did the search engine work ?
  • SEO fundamentals & concepts 
  • Intro to SERP 
  • Google processing 
  • Indexing and Crawling


On-Page Optimization:


  • Keywords,Title,meta description selectio
  • Header tags optimization 
  • Image optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • URL Optimization 
  • Internal linking 
  • 301 Redirects & 404 Error pages optimization
  • Canonical implementations
  •  Creating XML sitemap
  •  Robot.txt
  •  How to make websites mobile friendly ?
  •  How to make website load faster? 


Off-Page Optimization
  • Link Building Tips & Techniques 
  • Difference between White Hat,Grey Hat & Black Hat SEO


Google My Business Listing
  • What is GMB 
  • Advantages of listing your business in Google 
  • GMB setup (Images,Maps,Videos ..etc)
  •  Verification of Listing
  •  How to set up the best listing? 


Google Search Console
  • What is Crawling and Indexing 
  • How search console works 
  • How to submit site to Search Engine 
  • Search queries analysis 
  • Filtering search queries 
  • Crawl stats and Eroors
  • Sitemaps and Robot.txt 


Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Google Analytics 
  • How to setup Analytics account 
  • Google Analytics Dashboard 
  • Real Time traffic analysis 
  • Behaviour reports 
  • Audience reports 
  • Acquisition reports
  • Goals creation
  • User roles 


Search Engine Marketing/Google Ads/PPC Ads
  • Intro to online advertising & Adwords
  • Adwords account and Campaign basics
  • Adwords Targeting & Placement 
  • Adwords Bidding & Budgeting
  • Bidding strategies 
  • User Management
  • Campaign Types (Search, Display, Video, Shopping, App, Local)
  • Smart Campaigns
  • Remarketing
  • Ad measurement/Reporting
  • Linking different Google products
Social Media Optimization(SMO)
  • Social media optimization concepts
  • Creation of profiles,pages in FB,Twitter,and Linkedin etc
  • Techniques to boost social media pages 
  • How to update & reach more people through SMO 


Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Optimizations and Advertising on 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Industry Demand

 The internet is always growing, which means Digital Marketers are always relevant and in demand.

Analytics and statistics suggest a 40% growth rate for digital marketing, while for other industries it is 5 to 10%. At the same time demand for digital marketing experts is going up and professionals with Digital Marketing practical knowledge are at the top. Digital marketing industry is in
Increasing demand!

Huge opportunity!

Anyone can learn!


Digital Marketing Certification

Digital Marketing Training Certification issued when you finish your project. It is the identity to prove you have a lot of knowledge and experience in Diigital Marketing.


Lifeboat Digital Marketing
Training Highlights

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with huge features and with dynamic support.

Project in iPhone training

Hands-on Project

Workshops and real-time projects by Industry experts will help you to gain high-level knowledge. Work on Live Projects and know the day-to-day updates in Digital Marketing.

Certification on completion of Mobile app development training

Training Certificate

You are appreciated with an Digital Marketing Training Certificate after immediate completion of the training program. 

Lifetime access for the iOS training materials

Lifetime Access

Never step back – when you struck just revise the concepts and basics by accessing Live classes and presentations present online.

Assignments on iOS training


Test your knowledge and improve your skills by taking a day to day assignments. Work more on the topic you are lag and enhance your knowledge.

LED & Video lessons in a better understandable way

LED and VIDEO Lessons

Get practical learning instead of traditional learning to grasp more and perform more. Updated technologies are involved to teach you in a better and understandable way.

Providing market awareness on iOS

Market Awareness

Not only subject knowledge but also we can teach you market Awareness and how to mold yourself according to market strategies.


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