Search Engine Optimization commonly known as SEO is something that is heard frequently in this digital world. But most of the aspirants do not know about what is SEO, where and how it is used etc. Don’t worry much; in this blog, we are going to clear all your doubts about SEO. 

In general digital marketing is a broader term used to specify the marketing of a product or service across all digital platforms like the Google search engine, and social media. Of all the digital marketing strategies, SEO plays a key role in introducing you to the people searching on the google search engine, a common GPS for all needs. Let us be clearer. Consider you are searching in google for your favorite gadget. Soon after you enter the name or a single word associated with it, you will get N web pages showing relevant information. 

Ever wondered how? It is SEO that brings indexing on google search engine result pages to the respective websites. And of all, you prefer clicking the pages shown on top. This is called ranking the websites in search engines. There is much more about SEO for a graduate like you to learn as it helps in turning any business into a brand. Let’s get started on how SEO works.

The way we are searching to find our needs have been changed and hence the business owners are adapting to the new marketing trends. Unlike telemarketing or event marketing, most companies are advertising their product or services with the Internet as a medium of communication. Let’s talk more about a career in SEO.

A Peek into SEO:

SEO is always experts in optimizing the website with the search engine in terms of content and keywords. SEO can never be a boring subject to learn and implement. Search engine algorithms, result pages, and webmaster guidelines are prone to update frequently and one needs to understand them and plan SEO strategies accordingly. For SEO to be a cost-effective tool, there are certain glitches to practicing and implementing SEO properly. 

For any business, bringing in customers is the goal that is made easier with SEO. SEO acts as a bridge between you and your customers to reach you from the search engines. Learning the perfect Keyword Analysis and finding the right volume keywords is another important SEO factor that ranks the website on the first page of the search. Other important factors to learn in SEO are finding engaging content, researching the frequently searched keywords or key phrases, using backlinks & cross-linking within the website pages.

As a newbie, you must know some basic concepts before starting the practice of SEO. These basics include the common terminology & Vocabulary, Learning the concepts like how to research competitors and frame strategies to employ on the website. The next core concept to learn is about the different SEO tools available. 

If you are interested in learning more about SEO and become a certified SEO professional, we would suggest opting for the best and highly rated institute like Lifeboat Technologies and getting the industry-oriented curriculum. In an integrated course of about 3 months, we train to build you with the digital platform knowledge and roles played in the business.


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