About Us

We Provide Best Education Services For You.

We provide you highly detail oriented, unique and industry leading knowledge which enables you to learn ahead of your syllabus in today’s competitive edge and environment.

Our Mission

To provide rich ambience in terms of Technical Concepts, Research, Employability skills, Entrepreneurship and Social responsibility.

Our Vision

To empower the students with Technical knowledge, Awareness of up-to-date technical trends, Inclination for research in the areas of human needs, Capacity building for Employment / Entrepreneurship, Application of technology for societal needs.

Our Story

Lifeboat is developed to focus on providing iOS , Android training to students.

It is a modernistic training program which exports you from your classroom right into the corporate world of real time programming. It is specifically designed to nurture and groom selected group of enthusiast who have a thrill to learn ahead of the college curriculum and solve real world problems.

We actually tries to bridge the gap between the academic knowledge that students pursue from colleges and the actual practical implementation which is required in the corporate IT world and industry at large.

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