About This Course

At Lifeboat Technologies, we offer a comprehensive iOS development course designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a proficient iOS developer. Our course is suitable for beginners and experienced developers looking to enhance their iOS development skills.

Our iOS development course covers a range of topics, including the Swift programming language, Xcode development environment, iOS app development, debugging, and publishing to the App Store. We also provide hands-on experience with real-world projects and assignments to help you build practical skills and gain confidence in your abilities.

Our course is taught by experienced instructors who have extensive industry experience in iOS app development. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with aspiring developers and are committed to ensuring that you receive personalized attention and support throughout your learning journey.

At Lifeboat Technologies, we believe in providing our students with the best possible learning experience. We offer flexible scheduling options, personalized instruction, and career guidance to help you achieve your career goals. Join our iOS development course today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in iOS app development.

What You’ll Learn?
  • Introduction to Swift programming language and Xcode IDE
  • Understanding iOS development environment and architecture
  • Designing user interfaces using Interface Builder, Storyboards and SwiftUI framework
  • Data persistence and networking using Core Data and RESTful APIs
  • Integrating third-party libraries and frameworks
  • App deployment and distribution on App Store


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Topics for This Course

You will learn a wide range of skills and techniques that are necessary to develop and deploy iOS applications. Some of the key topics covered in the course include

  • What is iOS and its history
  • Languages involved in iOS development?
  • What’s Xcode IDE
  • What is a playground?
  • What is SwiftUI
  • Writing a clean code
  • Good programming habits
  • Job Opportunities

  • Variables and constants
  • Types and operation
  • Basic Control Flow
  • Advanced Control Flow
  • Functions
  • Closures
  • Optionals
  • Arrays, Dictionaries and Sets
  • Higher order functions
  • Collections with Closures
  • Strings

  • iOS application architecture
  • iOS application lifecycle
  • Project structure and different files

  • ViewController Lifecycle
  • Programmatic way of creating UI Elements
  • Working with Navigation
  • Presenting Alerts
  • TableView and much more

  • Introduction to storyboard
  • Working with constraints
  • Creating Outlets and Actions

  • Model View Controller (MVC).
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Best practices of Programming

  • What are web services
  • Introduction to JSON
  • HTTP methods
  • What is REST API and Parsing JSON
  • User Defaults
  • Core data

  • Playing Audio and Video
  • Getting images from Library
  • Capturing image using camera

  • Introduction to MapKit
  • Working with LocationManager
  • Working with Webkit

  • CocoaPods
  • SPM

  • Introduction to Version Controlling system
  • Git basics.
  • What is GitHub?

  • Membership enrolment
  • Certificates.
  • Distribution
  • iTunes Connect Account
  • Submit for Review

Course Includes:

  • book iconLessons: 30
  • Sessions: 6 weeks
  • Enrolled: 65 students
  • Language: English, Telugu
  • Certificate: Yes

What Our Students Have To Say

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I Personally,adore the way of teaching provided by LifeBoat Technologies. Good support and tutors are very supportive in each and every aspect during the process of learning.Staff members are helpful in each and every way.it's a great place to build knowledge

Sinangaram Monika
Software Engineer

This institute is probably the best choice for a beginner developer who doesn't have any programming experience in any programming language. Then I immediately joined and learned very confidently.You will get all types of features including job placements.

Uday Eega
iOS Developer

I strongly recommend this institution.It is the correct base for ur destination in ios and android you will find best faculty with friendly environment which make student comfortable to clarify our queries. Experienced faculty and amazing teaching skill.They have come with very new strategies for easy way of learning

Devops Engineer